Nikki Era releases her catchy new track ‘Lotus’

Nikki Era has released her latest catchy track ‘Lotus’, which will have you singing along by the end of the first listen.

She has written for MTV/Viacom, Universal, Netflix (Julie and the Phantoms), Hulu (Solar Opposites), Sony, Disney, and WWE, handpicked to co-write JoJo Siwa’s hit phenomenon D.R.E.A.M., which has amassed hundreds of millions of streams and was the namesake for her 2022 world tour. Having grown up performing musical theatre and refusing to subscribe to the belief that artists must adhere to a certain genre, Nikki creates different ‘eras’ of musicality. 

‘Lotus’ is about Nikki’s life mantra instilled by her mother fostering the importance of sustaining confidence in herself. She explains it best when she says, “I have to think of it as a physical thing I have to tend to. My confidence plant. And I water her when she needs it. Any time the world has drained her or burned her; I water her. Because if I wait for someone else to do it, if I rely on someone else to water her, she may die.”

The music video for ‘Lotus’ music video marks a new chapter for Nikki Era on finally feeling like a woman and embracing the power that lies in being uncomfortable living in a space where she chooses trust over fear.

You can listen to ‘Lotus’ and more of Nikki’s music, here!

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