The Scam by Evie Hunter is a fast-paced and unputdownable read

The Scam is the latest book by author Evie Hunter to be released via Boldwood books. Previous releases include The Trap and The Chase.

No one can be trusted…Amongst the wealth and glitter of St Tropez, Sky Kennedy is living her best life, with the perfect man by her side. Rich and gorgeous, Karim has shown her a world she could have barely imagined, and she doesn’t want it to end. So when Karim suddenly sends her packing back to the UK, Sky is shocked-what could she have done to upset Karim? And will she ever see him again?

Ryan Callahan has been tracking Karim for years and will do anything to bring the man down. He knows Karim is using Sky for his own ends and can’t believe another young woman has fallen for Karim’s lies. But maybe Sky could be the perfect bait to snare Karim once and for all…But Sky’s no fool and she won’t be played by either man. Because maybe there is a twist in this tale that no one saw coming….

The Scam is the ultimate revenge thriller. It’s gritty, fast-paced and draws you in from the very first page. With its flawed characters who all have secrets and its deliciously over-the-top plot. Pure escapism that you just won’t be able to get enough of!

You can get a copy of The Scam here!

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