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Creating a Toddler-Friendly Bedroom

When you first bring a child into the world, you tend to spend a lot of time planning and preparing their nursery. You’ll consider every element of the space and ensure that it fits your baby’s needs down to a tee. But as your child grows, you may quickly find that you need to make changes to this space to transform it from a nursery into a bedroom, suitable for your little one to play in and grow up in. This, of course, will mean making some investments and some changes that will better accommodate your child. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to create a toddler-friendly bedroom that will tick all of their rapidly changing boxes.

Colour Scheme

Most people choose neutral or light tones for a nursery. Baby pink and baby blue get their names for a reason. Other popular colours include pastels, such as pastel yellow, green, purple or other sweet and cute shades. As your child advances in age, however, they may find more bright and bold colours more engaging. Brightening up their space can stimulate their imagination and curiosity more. So, why not consider switching up the colour scheme to involve some brighter and bolder tones? If your little one is talking, they may be able to give some input. Some kids also develop preferences for specific characters from books and shows. Consider investing in some wall stickers and decals that reflect their interests to personalise the space.

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Upgrade the Furniture

Babies don’t tend to need all too much furniture. Often, furniture in a nursery is added to benefit and make life easier for the parent if anything, such as storage solutions, changing tables and more. As your child grows, they’ll begin to outgrow the furniture that is in place and may need new furniture to be added to accommodate their needs. For example, you might need to exchange a crib for a small, kid’s bed. Browse a range of toddler beds at Cuckooland for the perfectly sized solution. When buying any furniture, you should also consider future needs and ensure that everything is sufficiently large for your child to grow into, while still being accessible to them at their current age and size.

Add a Den

Kids love dens. It’s not all too surprising that this is the latest trend for little one’s rooms. Adding a small den in the form of a teepee tent, a small pop-up den or something similar can give them something to enjoy and hide away in when they want some time to themselves.

Additional Lighting

Sure, your kid’s room probably has its own main light and may have a lamp, but what about additional lighting? There are all sorts of fun lights that toddlers tend to like, including fairy lights, lava lamps, glitter lamps and bubble lamps. Just make sure that they are all properly and safely set up.

Creating a toddler-friendly bedroom doesn’t have to be hard work. Hopefully, some of the advice above will guide you on this journey, helping you to achieve your goals and leave a smile on your kid’s face!

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