The Choir of Man celebrates 100 shows at the Arts Theatre in London’s West End

Our favourite West-End musical The Choir of Man is celebrating a very special moment, they’ve done 100 shows at the Arts Theatre, since their triumphant return in October 2022.

Full of friendship laughs, music and a fair bit of beer, The Choir of Man is a show that has a huge heart and celebrates people coming together and enjoying a pint or two in a good old-fashioned pub, The Jungle.

The Jungle is like any other local pub, except rather than having a darts team or a footie team, it has a 9-piece male choir. Whose members we get introduced to throughout the show.

With a real working bar on stage allowing you to go into The Jungle and have a pint on stage before the show begins, fully immersing yourself in the pub experience. They do only serve beer onstage so there is no point going up on stage and asking for a wine, as all your gonna get is a pint of Carling.

The Choir of Man was created by Andrew Kay and Nic Doodson. It opened in 2017 at Edinburgh Fringe and five years on has become a huge success it’s toured the US, Canada, Australia and Korea. It’s also onboard Norwegian Cruise Line as part of their onboard evening entertainment shows on board both the Encore and Escape ships.

It’s featured on Westend Live, has been nominated for an Olivier award and is mid-way through a hugely successful second west end run at the Arts Theatre after being brought back due to phenomenal demand from the public.

Reopening in October 2022 it continues to delight and leaves theatregoers with huge smiles on their faces, with many returning to visit The Jungle multiple times.

You can find out more about the show and book tickets here!

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