Artificial Wisdom by Thomas R Weaver is an unputdownable read

Artificial Wisdom is an unputdownable debut from author and tech entrepreneur Thomas Weaver. His last startup was acquired by Just Eat Takeaway. Despite swearing to family and friends (none of whom believed him) that he would never run another startup again, he recently started a new project in stealth backed by Silicon Valley’s largest tech accelerator. The concept is focused on bringing some of the ideas explored in Artificial Wisdom, to life, specifically around communicating in augmented reality

It’s 2050, a decade after a heatwave that killed four hundred million across the Persian Gulf, including journalist Marcus Tully’s wife. Now he must uncover the truth: was the disaster natural? Or is the weather now a weapon of genocide?

A whistleblower pulls Tully into a murder investigation at the centre of an election battle for a global dictator, with a mandate to prevent a climate apocalypse. A former US President campaigns against the first AI politician of the position, but someone is trying to sway the outcome.

Tully must convince the world to face the truth and make hard choices about the future of the species. But will humanity ultimately choose salvation over freedom, whatever the cost?

Artificial Wisdom was one of those very rare books that you devour in one sitting. Finish it, take a breath and are more than ready to start it again.

It has you hooked from the first page, keeps you guessing and has characters you become attached to it. The plot is original and quite timely and relevant given recent events in the world. You can also tell when reading it, how passionate Thomas Weaver is about tech which gives the story even more credibility and layers to peel back as you read.

You can get a copy of Artificial Wisdom here!

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