My Fake Italian Marriage by Romy Somer Makes you want book a holiday

My Fake Italian Marriage is the latest book by author Romy Somer. Romy is the author of seven contemporary romance novels published by Harper Collins London, and she has also indie-published a further eight books, under her own name and a pseudonym. Her Hollywood romance, Not a Fairy Tale, was a 2016 finalist for the Romance Writers of America® RITA Award, and her Tuscany-set romance, Last of the Summer Vines, won the ROSA 2019 Imbali Award for best Romance novel by a South African author.

Cleo Arendse: You know how almost every movie set in Italy seems to be about a woman who travels to Tuscany and is swept off her feet by a charming, gorgeous but arrogant aristocrat? Well, that’s not this story.

Luca Fioravanti: Challenge accepted.

British Banker Cleo Arendse is nothing like the women lawyer Luca Fioravanti is used to–both because she’s only in Tuscany to oversee his family vineyard’s business and because she’s impervious to the charm that has never failed him before now.

But Luca has never shied from a challenge, and when circumstances arise that allow him to step in as Cleo’s knight in shining amour, he leaps…right into a fake marriage! The romance may be a ruse but the passion burning between Luca and Cleo is very, very real, and as the ‘honeymoon’ glow envelops the pair, all bets are off..

My Fake Italian Marriage is a book you just lose yourself in. It’s part of a series but works brilliantly as a standalone book as you don’t feel like you are missing anything.

It brings Tuscancy to life while telling the stories of Cleo and Luca, two very strong and independent characters who by the end of the book you are utterly in love with.

You can get a copy of My Fake Italian Marriage here!

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