Frankie Bridge to release a book: OPEN: Why asking for help can save your life

Former S Club 8 and Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge is releasing a book, OPEN: Why asking for help can save your life.

 Outside of her music career she has established herself as a TV Presenter and Digital Influencer. Frankie became an ambassador for MIND after opening up about her experiences of anxiety, depression and panic attacks, after her hospitalisation in May 2012.

Having initially dealt with these issues in silence, Frankie has been keen to support MIND in making sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone.

Recently, she’s been a key player in helping to launch the MIND partnership with Heads Together, as well as lending her support to Time to Talk Day. Frankie launched her first podcast series OPEN MIND focussing on mental health in 2019 and which debuted in the top ten podcasts upon release.

She is now releasing OPEN: Why asking for help can save your life. In the intensely personal memoir which she has written with the help of Psychiatrist  Dr Mike McPhillips and Clinical Psychologist Maleha Khan.

 In the book, Frankie talks about hitting “rock bottom” while filming the music video for The Saturday’s hit single “My Heart Takes Over” in Iceland, because of this Frankie decided to get help at London’s Nightingale Hospital where she stayed for one month.

Frankie recalls deciding not to tell her family about her stay at the hospital out of “shame” and because she didn’t want them to “blame themselves” for how she was feeling and what was happening to her.

During her time at the hospital, she eventually began to speak to other patients who were all suffering from a range of illnesses including bipolar, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction and eating disorders.

You pre-order the book here. It will be released on 6th Feb.

Are you planning to read Frankie’s book? Let us know at @TBHONEST_UK

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