Louis Tomlinson is showcasing skills as an emotive lyricist on his debut solo album Walls

Walls is the long-awaited solo album from One Direction Alumni Louis Tomlinson. He is the last member of the band to release a solo album, not widely known for his role in the band, the spotlight being given to other members, he is the underdog.

He has an impressive 36 writing credits from his time with the band, the majority from the bands latter three releases, where their sound changed, something he was a driving force behind and where some of the bands biggest hits came from.

On Walls, he takes centre stage showcasing exactly why he racked up those credits as an exceptionally talented lyricist, who takes thoughts and emotions that many males are reluctant to put a voice to and turns them into absolute bangers perfect for singing along to.

Walls pays homage to his upbringing, the triumphs in his life and the utterly heartbreaking personal losses he’s endured throughout his time in the spotlight. It feels very much like a thank you note to those in his life he loves, has lost and to those who have taught him something.

His ability to see the positive in some of the cruelest and toughest situations shines through on this extremely promising debut.

Louis Tomlinson is not a guy you feel sorry for, he is a guy whose been through the ringer yet still manages to fine that little glimmer of light, his personality and the way he conveys emotion make him the guy you look to when you need to know that everything is going to be ok!

Standout tracks on the album include:

Kill My Mind

Two of Us





Only The Brave

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