Fast Car To Florence release Prologue: 2017-2019

Fast Car To Florence has released Prologue: 2017-2019, an album of some of their older songs on all major streaming platforms.

Isaac and Chris have been using the lockdown to interact with fans by creating a Facebook group Fast Car Family, where they post exclusive info, competitions and get to know their fans. The fans also have the chance to get to know the guys and each other. Many of them have been posting about which song they love most from the band.

And now the guys have released Prologue on all major streaming platforms, which is a must-listen for fans new and old. The tracks were released sneakily over the weekend but only officially announced by the guys today.

Featuring 12 tracks in the perfect listen while you stay at home safe. It’s also one to have on repeat till the band get back in the studio and work on new music to release.