Louis Tomlinson Live from London: A review!

Louis Tomlinson started the year releasing his debut album Walls and ended it with one of the best selling live streams of 2020, Louis Tomlinson Live from London.

Louis Tomlinson Live from London became promoter Veeps biggest selling show of the year. Louis’s fans crashed the website with their furious desire to see him live. For many fans, this would be the first time they would have the chance to do so. As we write this, Louis’s live stream has so far made in access of a $1 million for some very worthwhile organisations and causes and his own touring crew.

He has also released merch to mark the very special live stream. Again 100% of the profits went to his own tour crew and the organisations detailed above.

Louis Tomlinson Live from London was the first time fans got to hear his album Walls in its entirety, live. He didn’t disappoint. The setlist was fantastic. Walls tracks, with a sprinkling of some One Direction classics, a cover and a brand new song. He gave those watching a complete show.

Opening with Just Hold On, his first solo single which was a collaboration with Steve Aoki. He made it pure Louis and gave it a rocky edge. It was a strong and purposeful opening that set the tone for the rest of his jam-packed set. Next came We Made It, the first track to be taken off Walls and one that’s really special to witness Louis singing live, as he truly has made it!

It was swiftly followed by Don’t Let It Break Your Heart, an uplifting and heartfelt track. Then came the first of three nods to Louis’s time in One Direction. Drag Me Down was the first track to be released by the band after Zayn Malik left and was from their fifth studio album Made in the AM, which was One Direction’s final album before they went on a nice long break. Louis’s take on the track breathed new life into the classic, fans waited with bated breath to see if we would the infamous high notes in the original or if he’d have changed the arrangement. He did the high notes and smashed them.

Smashing it was something Louis did throughout the set, his voice has improved hugely as a solo artist, it makes us quite sad to think that while in the band, his voice was often looked over when it’s so powerful and unique and some of his 1D bandmates have often commented they find Louis parts the hardest to sing when they cover the band’s songs because of his vast vocal range. A range that was sadly not utilised to its full potential within the band. But now as a solo artist his voice is the best we’ve ever heard it.

After a quick and extremely clever interlude where Louis changed sets, he sang Two of Us accompanied by a string quartet. Two of Us is usually a highly emotive song anyway, but backed by a string quartet and Louis’s vocals which just ooze emotion, it hit harder and was an extremely powerful moment.

Habit and Too Young came next, both firm fan favourites. Then there was another stunning interlude by the string quartet before Louis sang Perfect Now and another 1D classic Through The Dark from the band’s third album Midnight Memories. He then followed up with Fearless.

New song Copy of A Copy of A Copy came next, Louis has been open that while he’s not been able to tour this year as planned because of covid he’s begun working on his second album. While we know the album is in very early stages, if Copy of A Copy of A Copy is any indication of the lyrical style and sound he’s playing around with at the moment for the album, we know it will be a huge hit. The song is one which like many of his songs holds universal appeal as it’s personable but wholly relatable to the listener.

Defenceless was next followed by a cover of Kings of Leon’s Beautiful War, a song which suited Louis’s voice perfectly and makes us yearn for him to write and/or collab with the group in the future.

The final 1D nod came in the form of Little Black Dress, a song which has become a firm staple in Louis setlist and one that always goes down well.

Title track Walls provided us with a moment to reflect on what Louis and his team have achieved with the Louis Tomlinson Live from London Livestream. Uniting fans and giving them the opportunity to experience a full Louis Tomlinson gig from the comfort and safety of their homes. To raising funds for the live event and touring professionals who make shows like this possible.

Only The Brave was such a special moment that made us quite emotional as it’s a track that resonates with so many and one that always hits hard because of raw emotion Louis exudes in his vocal delivery of the track.

Louis ended his set with Kill My Mind a firm fan favourite, that I know we love singing along to and is such a fun and energetic track and always a welcome addition to his setlist.

Louis Tomlinson Live from London was a proper gig, fans were given the full Louis Tomlinson experience. From his band which features Michael Blackwell on guitars and backing vocals, Steve Durham on the drums (he is also the musical director for Louis and his band), Matt Dinnadge on the bass, Isaac Anderson on guitar and backing vocals and Zak Craner on the keys.

To the string quartet, the film crew which included Charlie Lightening who directed and conceptualised the show, Dan Lightening, Director of Photography, Joshua Hailing, photographer Amy James, producer, Dave Emery, camera operator, Matt Allsop, camera operator, Pablo D’Ambrosi, camera operator/editor,  Ben Worthington, camera operator/focus puller. And Louis tour crew which included Tom Taylor, Mark Brightman, Dan Ein, Krupa and Steve Weall and many other talented live music and touring professionals, all helped to make the show possible. Highlighting just why we need to support those who work in the industry so we can all when it’s safe to do so, see our faves live.

Louis Tomlinson Live from London was not only a pinnacle moment in Louis career where he performed Walls live in its entirety for the first time and showed himself as not just the guy from ‘that one band’, but a seasoned performer who knows how to put on a show that lets the music do the talking. He gave many fans the once in a lifetime chance to see their fave sing in a full gig with staging, set design and lighting, it truly brought home just how important tour and live event crew is in your faves being able to tour the world. For your fave to get on stage they need a small army of people all contributing to get there. The live stream showed exactly that. Music brings people together and connects us all. We need live music and we need the people who help to make it happen.

To Louis, his band, the tour and film crews, the team at Veeps and Louis’s own personal team Matt Vines and Jessie Martin…. everyone who helped contribute to the show in any way. Thank you. Thank you for giving fans an experience they will treasure and never forget and reminding us all the importance of seeing music performed live.

You can get tickets for Louis’s 2021 world tour here.

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