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Songs we cannot stop listening to!

Lately, there have been some amazing songs released. 2022 is definitely looking like it’s going to be a great year for finding new songs to obsess over.

We thought we’d share some of the songs we can’t listen to at the moment.

Isaac Anderson- Mess Me Up

Mess Me Up is one of those songs that you will be singing along to the chorus before it’s finished.

Isaac Anderson is one of our fave up and coming singers who pour so much of himself into his lyrics. He’s an artist that we always get excited to see what he does next. He used to be part of Fast Car to Florence, who we loved but has now branched out into solo stuff, in between playing the guitar for and travelling the world with Louis Tomlinson.

Sam Tompkins- Hero

We stumbled across Sam and his song Hero when a mutual on Twitter had liked it and it appeared on our timeline. We had a listen and we fell in love. Hero is one of the songs that just make you feel. It’s a song you won’t ever forget listening to. Nor you will forget the emotive video that really packs a punch and sees Sam playing his own dad and telling his dad’s own story.

We’ve never been more grateful for a mutual liking a tweet ever because if they hadn’t it would have taken us so much longer to become fans of Sam.

We Don’t Have To Die- Sarah Barrios

Sarah Barrios has yet to release a song we haven’t fallen in love with. Her latest release We Don’t Have To Die is relatable, it’s real and it just speaks to the listener on a really deep level. Like all her songs it’s personal to her but also becomes intensely personal to those who listen.

Calming Storm- Michelle and Michael

Calming Storm is the debut release from Downton Abbey Stars Michelle Dockery and Michael Fox. It’s a beautiful and easy to listen to folk track which we are obsessed with. The duo have recently signed their first record deal with Decca Records and a debut EP, The Watching Silence, is due for release on May 6

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