Anne Twist shows just how amazing Gemma Styles new Sunglasses range are

We’ve known for weeks here at TBHonest just how amazing Gemma Styles latest sunglasses range are, but now her Mum, Anne Twist has basically just confirmed it.

Now we know what you might be thinking reading this, Anne Twist is a little biased as the sunglasses are created by her daughter, and you are quite possibly correct, but hey we are all proud of Gemma so ya know? But she’s right that the sunglasses are amazing.

One style in particular (one of our faves) Goodbye Stranger has the little nose pieces on them, which normally are an absolute pain. They get tangled in hair, clothing ,everything!

The Goodbye Stranger glasses

But Gemma thought about that when designing the frame. And Anne took to Instagram to show everyone just how much thought had gone into it, and the Goodbye Stranger frames don’t get caught in your hair.

Anne on her Instagram

In the handy little video Anne is seen wearing the Goodbye Stranger frames in Redwood. Which along with other styles including The Young Ones, Take It Easy, Turn to Stone, Seven Wonders and Don’t Stop are priced at $68.

If you buy Don’t Stop in the Caramel Shade,  10% of proceeds from the Find The Light special edition pair will be donated to mental health research, a cause which is very close to Gemma’s heart.

As much as we need intervention and support for people with mental health issues, we also need to understand why these issues happen in order to treat them most effectively and eventually prevent them.”

Gemma Styles on the Baxter and Bonny Website.

You can shop all styles exclusively on the Baxter and Bonny website and they ship internationally.

Let us know on Instagram and Twitter which sunglasses you are loving!

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