Gemma Styles wants you to #FindTheLight in a new mental health campaign

We love it here at TBH when individuals use their platforms to help others, and Gemma Styles is doing that with her new #FindTheLight mental health campaign.

Gemma has teamed up with her long time collaborators Kenmark Eyewear to start a conversation and get people talking about their mental health, rather than keeping it all inside. #FindTheLight is a social campaign which like Gemma, we hope will get people to talk about how they feel and not keep it to themselves. Given the situation, with Covid-19 this campaign could not have come at a better time.

You can get involved in the campaign in two ways. Purchase a special edition pair of Don’t Stop Sunglasses ($68) and 10% of proceeds will automatically be donated to MQ Mental Health Research, which has the best aim, to create a world where there is no stigma surrounding mental health. they are understood, effectively treated and one day made preventable.

Or you can Share what Find The Light means to you, via social media, using the #findthelight and be entered to win a pair of limited edition Don’t Stop Sunglasses. Winners will be announced on November 16th.

 As much as we need intervention and support for people with mental health issues, we also need to understand why these issues happen in order to treat them most effectively and eventually prevent them.

Gemma Styles on the Baxter and Bonny Website.

 According to a recent study, 43.6 million US adults suffer from mental illness, while suicide is the largest killer of young people in the UK.

In the new campaign video for #FindTheLight, Gemma recruits friends and fans to share what finding the light means to them. “To me Find the Light means actively trying to notice those little happy things that happen throughout your day,” Gemma states. “I think if you have experience with mental health conditions then you know it tends to be the small things rather than big things that get you through the day.

What does #FindTheLight mean to you? Let us know on Twitter and Insta!

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