To help find a cure for Parkinsons, Anne Twist is becoming the ultimate wing woman

Harry and Gemma Styles Mum Anne Twist is taking to the skies and becoming the ultimate Wing Woman to raise money for Parkinson’s UK.

Anne will be joined by her equally crazy and daredevil pal Sandra Meighan to be strapped to a plane and take to the skies on a biplane.

The ‘art’ of wing walking originated as a ‘daredevil stunt’ in the 1920’s and since become the inspiration for several Hollywood movies including “The Great Air Robbery.” It involves being strapped to plane and moving along it while it’s in motion.

Anne has been a supporter of Parkinson’s UK for a number of years since her father Brian Selley was diagnosed was the disease in 2009.

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In 2017 She did an interview with Parkinsons Life where she spoke about the disease and the affect it had on her father and the entire family, so it’s extremely easy to understand why her and Sandra are doing the Wing Walk as it’s something so close to her heart.

Parkinsons is a condition in which affects the cells which produce dopamine within the brain. While symptoms of the disease vary between individual, they have been known to include: tremors, slowed movement, stiffness, cramps, tiredness, dizziness, slurred speech and difficulty swallowing.

Indviduals who are diagnosed with Parkinsons can also suffer with  depression, delusions, hallucinations and anxiety as result of the condition. In the UK alone,  127,000 people have to live with Parkinsons on a daily basis, which also has a huge impact on their friends, family and loved ones.

Parkinsons UK is currently funding around 50 research projects into many different aspects of Parkinson’s.  The research projects exist at different stages . The organisation carries out a rigorous evaluation process to ensure that every research project they fund is high-quality science and meets the needs of people with Parkinson’s. 

Both Anne and Sandra aimed to do the wing walk earlier but it had to be, like many things recently, rearranged due to the COVID-19 out break. They will now be doing it in October. Originally set themselves a goal of raising £5000 which they have now done but could still raise a lot more if people donate.

If you donate to Anne and Sandra’s fundraiser you will be helping by:

£140 pays for 10 helpline advisers for an hour, to provide support and                 information

£48  funds a clinical researcher for 2 hours

£20  funds an hour of care from a specialist Parkinson’s nurse

£10  pays for 2 weeks of nutrients to grow brain cells in the lab for                     research

You can donate to Anne and Sandra’s fundraiser here.

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