28 of our favourite Louis Tomlinson Instagram posts

Louis Tomlinson over the years has posted some legendary posts on Instagram so we thought we’d pick 28 of our faves.

We essentially just wanted an excuse to post some photos of Louis, and take a look back at his career, as his Instagram pretty much chronicles it.

So sit back make yourself a cup of tea (Yorkshire only please!) and relax while we take you on a trip down memory lane with 28 of Louis’s most memorable posts on Instagram.

These are in no particular order, other than we started from from his earliest Instagram posts in 2012 and picked the ones that gave us feels!

Louis and a yellow taxi

His third ever post on Instagram back in June 2012 was of Louis in NYC stood with a yellow taxi cab posing with a sign for One Direction’s Up All Night album.

Louis gets arty at Disneyland

In June 2012 Louis went to Disneyland and posted this beautiful and rather arty shot of a ferris wheel, featuring Mickey Mouses face.

Louis and Zayn dress up for Halloween

Late 2012 Louis posted this photo of him and his One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik dressing up to celebrate Halloween.

Louis takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Louis was nominated by band mate Niall Horan to do the Ice Bucket challenge in this now infamous video.

Louis songwriting for One Direction

In 2015 Louis posted this iconic photo of him, Liam Payne and Jamie Scott spending the day writing.

This writing session produced arguably one of the best songs One Direction ever recorded, Home.

Water fights with Liam Payne

Water fights with bandmate Liam Payne became a much loved part of the later 1D tours. This photo captures the fun moments where both boys would be throwing water at each other on stage as they sang.

Watch your back Liam Payne

October 2015 brought us this gem. Liam and Louis squaring up for a fight (jokingly we hasten to add). The photo is black and white is one of our faves as it’s just a great shot of both lads and is really powerful.

Louis and his beloved Doncaster Rovers

Louis posted this on Instagram in October 2015, paying homage to his beloved football club Doncaster Rovers.

Louis thanking fans

Lets be real Louis thanking fans makes us weak at the knees and is sign of how much Louis values his relationship with all his fans both as a member of One Direction and as a solo artist which is extremely close and is more of a partnership. This particular Instagram post saw him thank fans who had paid for an advert to congratulate One Direction on the release of their fifth studio album Made In The Am.

Drag Me Down

Louis on One Direction’s video shoot for Drag Me Down. It’s all we need to say really.

Drag Me Down was the first song to be released off One Direction’s final album to be released before their extended hiatus, it was also the first song they released after Zayn Malik had left the band.

Louis posts a throwback to being in The Rogues

As a teen Louis was the frontman of band that was put together by some of his high school mates, they called themselves the The Rogues, they performed at school assembly’s and battle of the band type competitions. Louis has fond memories of his time in the band that he has the bands name tattooed on just above his ankles. He posted an adorable throwback to his time with the band on his Instagram in February 2016.

Louis backstage on One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour

Louis posted this photo in 2016 of himself backstage on One Direction’s final tour prior to their hiatus, the On The Road Again world tour. The photo was taken by the bands tour photographer Cal Aurand.

We are slightly cheating here but… this one was posted to Instagram a little later but appears to be taken around the same time and we just couldn’t resist posting it too.

Louis in Monaco for the Grand Prix

In 2016 Louis attended the Monaco Grand Prix, as a guest of Red Bull. Where we got shots like this. Everything from the hair style to the outfit and way he stood just screamed power, and we love that look on Louis.

Louis meeting Peaky Blinder’s Polly Gray

Louis like most of us has an obsession with Peaky Blinders .So this photo of him with Helen McCrory who plays Polly Gray, taken at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester. Both were in the city for Soccer Aid, which Louis was playing in as was Helen’s husband.

Louis vs Niall

When Louis appeared in Soccer Aid in 2016. He was up against his 1D band mate Niall Horan, who was on the opposing team, and we got this amazing photo of them both squaring up, pre match.

When Louis team won Soccer Aid

Louis team won Soccer Aid and we got this fantastic photo of Louis looking very happy and spraying champagne everywhere.

Louis in a beanie

Selfies which include Louis in a beanie are our faves because he really knows how to rock it and his Instagram is full of him in beanies.

Louis in Black and White

There are tons of great photos of Louis in black and white on his Instagram. But this photo has to be one of our all time favourites. It’s so arty and would look great on the wall as a canvas as unless you know Louis, you wouldn’t know the photo was of him and it’s just absolutely stunning to look at.

Louis promoting Just Hold On with Steve Aoki

Just Hold On was the collaboration with Steve Aoki that launched Louis’s solo career and we love this photo from that period.

Back To You Promo with Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals

Louis released Back To You Ft Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals.

He posted this promo shot from the video for the single of him and Bebe at Keepmoat stadium, the home of Doncaster Rovers.

Just Like You

Louis posted this clip of a song he released not as a single but as a thank you to his fans, entitled Just Like You.

The video for Just Like You is utter genius and has so many layers, it’s one that you discover something new every time you watch it.

Miss You

Louis posted a teaser to the music video for his single Miss You.

The video was pretty cool as it featured some of his mates and has a really catchy chorus, much like all of Louis’s songs.

Louis and Clifford

Louis and his dog Cliff are favourite duo, they are iconic. And Louis posts lots of photos of his dog on Instagram and we love every single one of them.

Two Of Us

Two of Us is one of Louis most moving songs to date, a song that many people have connected with on a personal level which is testament to Louis’s talent as lyricist and performer.

Louis playing the Piano

Louis has played the Piano for years on and off, he repeatedly plays down his talent saying he’s not very good.

The few times he’s publicly played he’s been rather good. Most recently he played the Piano in the Two of Us Music video.

Kill My Mind art work

Louis posted the art work to his single Kill My Mind on his Instagram to announce it’s release.

Kill My Mind is such an underrated track and one you can’t help but sing along to when you hear it.

Louis announces the release of his album walls

The moment fans had waited for. Louis announced the release of his debut album Walls. An album that everyone had waited years for (literally).

It didn’t disappoint…. every track Louis poured his heart and soul in to and there is not any track on Walls that needs to be skipped.

The We Made It: Directors cut

Louis worked with Charlie Lightening to create a story arc that played out over three music videos. He took to Instagram to post a sneak peek of the Directors Cut.

We Made It: The Directors Cut is one of the best music videos we have ever seen. It’s a 15 minute long, multi layered narrative which shows just how creative Louis is. It’s a video that you see something new every time you watch. It ‘s a gripping, heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting story about a young couple, fighting against insurmountable odds to get away from a man who has controlled their lives for far too long. It’s a mini movie that could easily be made in to a full length feature film.

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