Just Like the Other Girls by Claire Douglas is a jaw-dropping masterpiece

Just Like The Other Girls is the latest release from Claire Douglas and it’s a twisty and jaw-dropping masterpiece.

She thought she was safe. So did the others . . .




Una Richardson is devastated after the death of her mother. Hoping for a fresh start, she responds to an advertisement and steps into the rich, comforting world of elderly Mrs Elspeth McKenzie.

But Elspeth’s home is not as safe as it seems.

Kathryn, her cold and bitter daughter, resents Una’s presence. More disturbing is the evidence suggesting two girls lived here before.

What happened to the girls?

Why will the McKenzies not talk about them?

As the walls close in around her, Una fears she’ll end up just like the other girls . . .

It feels like every word written has a meaning and is used to draw you into the plot. As you are swept along trying to uncover the truth of just what happened along with the main character.

Told from multiple view character viewpoints, all who have strong, unique and distinct personalities which add so many more layers to the story, making an even more twisted but compelling read.

A book that you will not regret reading!

Just Like the Other Girls is out now via Penguin UK’s Michael Joseph and you can get a copy here.

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