Stephanie Davies Other Girls Like Me is a mesmerising read

Other Girls Like Me is the new release from Stephanie Davies and it’s an utterly mesmerising read.

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Till now, Stephanie has done her best to play by the rules—which seem to be stacked against girls like her. It doesn’t help that she wants to play football, dress like a boy, and fight apartheid in South Africa—despite living in rural middle England—as she struggles to find her voice in a world where everything is different for girls.

Then she hears them on the radio. Greenham women—an irreverent group of lesbians, punk rockers, mothers, and activists who have set up camp outside a US military base to protest nuclear war—are calling for backups in the face of imminent eviction from their muddy tents. She heads there immediately, where a series of adventures—from a break-in to a nuclear research center to a doomed love affair with a punk rock singer in a girl band—changes the course of her life forever. But the sense of community she has found is challenged when she faces tragedy at home.

Other Girls Like Me is Stephanie Davies story and it’s quite a read. It takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. At times it’s a sad, funny, powerful and very inspirational read.

With this book Stephanie highlights perfectly and elegantly why we should all be activists and take a stand for the things we believe in and how finding our place and having a circle of friends and/or a community that supports you can and will enrich your life so much more.

You can get a copy of the book here, which is out now via Bedazzled Ink!