Tom Aspaul unveils ‘Black Country Disco: The Movie’

Tom Aspaul unveiled the long-awaited short film to accompany his critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Black Country Disco’ – ‘Black Country Disco: The Movie’.

A love letter to the Black Country, the film was shot over the summer months of 2020 on location in Wolverhampton and Birmingham, by fellow filmmaker Sam Taylor-Edwards. It includes three songs from the album, ‘W.M.’, ‘01902’ and ‘Tender’, the 10-minute clip encapsulates the same feelings of heartbreak, loss and acceptance expressed on the record – which charts Tom’s journey from the end of a five-year relationship in London, to his move back home to the West Midlands.

  The film, shot entirely on film and VHS and is s a nostalgia-tinged romp , Wolverhampton landmarks and long journeys along the M6. 

In Tom’s words: “I have been making and releasing music for quite a while now and in that time, I have tried (and failed) to create some kind of music video that I felt matched up with the music. Be it budget restraints or health emergencies (my appendix burst on the day of a shoot once!) I never quite managed to finish a visual – but with ‘Black Country Disco’ being my debut album, I decided it deserved something bigger, more ambitious and more expansive, mostly so I could express all the emotions I had on the record, which to me is as much about dancing and joy as it is pain and heartbreak – but also to try and encapsulate the ‘Black Country’ as a place, distinct, removed from London and full of character and history. It was really important for me to work with a queer director, so we were both on a certain level aesthetically and referentially – and Sam has pulled it off and truly realised the vision I had for this film! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it! The dancing! The stomping around Wolverhampton! The 70s styling! It has all been an absolute joy.”

In Sam’s words: “Oddly, growing up, it hadn’t occurred to me why I loved pop music so much. Or why I was drawn to the often epic, event-like music videos that came from likes of Madonna and Britney… aside from being a closet gay-boy! Now an adult, I’ve come to realise it’s because pop videos have always been about spectacle. They’re colourful and loud and shamelessly unapologetic. That’s exactly what Tom and I wanted to channel with Black Country Disco: The Movie – but gayer.”

Tom Aspaul has been writing and releasing music since 2013. His self-penned first single ‘Indiana’, was produced by Grammy-nominated superstar MNEK and ultimately covered by Australian pop-Goddess, Kylie Minogue (who, in a full-circle moment, featured two songs from Tom’s debut album, ‘W.M.’ and ‘Dead Already (Save Yourself)’ on her own carefully curated ‘Infinite Disco’ playlist’). 

Let us know what you think of Black Country Disco: The Movie on Twitter!

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