Anne Twist supports the 2020 Jeans for Genes campaign

Harry and Gemma Styles Mum Anne Twist is supporting the 2020 Jeans for Genes campaign.

Anne took to Instagram to show off this year’s T-Shirt for the campaign, which this year features Looney Tune‘s character Bugs Bunny. The collaboration is a pretty special one as it marks Jeans for Genes turning twenty-five, as well as it being Bugs Bunny’s 80th birthday.

For the past 25 years, the Jeans for Genes campaign which is run by Genetic Disorders UK has raised funds that support the research into genetic conditions in children. Research shows that each year one in every 25 children in the UK is born carrying a genetic mutation that leads to one of 6,000 genetic disorders. Jeans for Genes also raises awareness of genetic conditions and supports children who suffer with them and their families.

Anne has been a long time supporter of the campaign for at least the last six years she has posted and raised awareness of the annual campaign which takes place in September.

You can order a Tshirts or find out more about the fantastic work the charity does here. T’shirts are priced at £20.

This year’s Jeans for Genes day takes place from Monday 14- Sunday 20 September. 

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