MyFace by Kevin Landt is a must-read for social media lovers

Love social media? Obsessed with scrolling through your insta feed or seeing how many likes your most recent tweet got? Then you need to read MyFace by Kevin Landt.

MyFace is a fictional novella that tells the story of the dark side of social media.

Catfishing can be a deadly business, especially when social media mega-influencer Angela Fox has you in her sights. When Angela Fox’s Myface account is selected as Hottest User of the Month, there’s only one problem: she isn’t real. As the fake Angela takes the world by storm, a group of strangers struggle to escape a twisted web of narcissism, deceit, and revenge.

L.A. hotshot Sebastian Shafer is so desperate to get a job, he creates an elaborate plan to convince his future employer that, if hired, Sebastian’s association with “Hollywood socialite” Angela Fox will bring in the sales. The only issue is he needs to convince the world that she actually exists. Angela draws more attention than Sebastian anticipated when her profile gains millions of followers and fame seekers desperately try to catch her attention. But things really get out of control when a handsome young stage-play director winds up dead. The question is who pulled the trigger?

MyFace is one of those books you wish was longer. It works great as a novella. It’s a read you can get through in a couple of hours but it’s one that longers with you and you will want to pass on to and discuss with your friends.

It’s a gripping read, which we found really hard to put down. It takes you headfirst into the side of social media that we all know exists but we try not to think about. If you love watching Black Mirror than this is a novella you need to add to your to-read list.

You can get a copy of MyFace here.

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