All Out Of Love by H and Claire was released 18 years ago today

18 years ago today H and Claire released All Out Of Love. It was and still is one of the best pop songs ever released.

Written by songwriters by Mark Topham, Karl Twigg and Andrew Frampton who were long time collaborators with H and Claire from their time in Steps. All Out of Love was H and Claire’s third and final single as a duo, it featured on their album Another You, Another Me.

The video for All Out Of Love is as equally as memorable as the track itself and features one of the most complex but visually stunning routines H and Claire have done in their entire careers. It was choreographed by acclaimed choreographer Paul Roberts who has also worked with One Direction.

Directed by Phil Griffin, the video for All Out of Love has two interwoven stories that play out side by side. The first is many years in the past as the Lady of the manor “Lady Claire” plotting to kill her husband with “Butler H”. The second story is set in the present day and we see H and Claire entertaining their friends by telling them the story of Lady Claire and Butler H.

Claire also sang All Out Of Love on her solo tour for her album My Wildest Dreams in 2018. And again when she performed at British Summer Time gig series in Hyde Park in 2019.

She also performed it at G-A-Y for her album launch.

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