Steps show there is always a place for feel-good pop tunes with What the Future Holds

Pop quartet Steps have released their new album What The Future Holds. With over 20 years in the music industry, the band have released an album that shows there is and always will be a place in the industry for bands like them who create feel-good pop songs.

Steps have come a long way from their 5-6-7-8 cowboy hat-wearing days, they’ve all grown up, took time away and took stock of an industry that has changed greatly since they began and they’ve managed to still keep themselves relevant and carve out a little section in it just for themselves without compromising on just what is the bands fans love about them.

What The Future Holds is an album that will see Steps shoot straight to the top of the charts as it’s an eclectic album of pop goodness that has something for everyone and wear each member of the band shines vocally which is something that never really happened in their earlier albums. It’s clear though Steps have found their rhythm of what works for them and what makes a song from being a “good” track to one that just pops with Steps magic.

There are 13 tracks on the new album and in true Steps style, there are a few covers which they’ve reworked and stepsified. But they’ve also worked with big names like Sia who has written the title track and lead single What the Future Holds.

Clouds is an upbeat track which is catchy and has a very easy chorus to remember which is sure to go down well on the bands 2021 tour if it makes the setlist. To the Beat of My Heart is one we could easily see being a single as we think they could have some amazing choreography for it, and that’s another thing Steps excel at, memorable choreography that’s distinctive to each song and easy for fans to pick up. Past examples of this include Tragedy, One for Sorrow, Loves Got a Hold on my Heart and Deeper Shade of Blue.

Vocally Fathers Eyes is a track where all five members shine equally, with a powerful vocal arrangement. Under My Skin and Hold My Heart the ballads of the album offer a brief and welcome change of pace which gives Claire Richards a chance to showcase her show-stopping vocal talents. But generally, when it comes to an album this album gives the spotlight to all members and different times, without losing the steps sound fans have loved for years.

What The Future Holds is an album that won’t fail to make you dance and is one that will remain in your music collection for many years. It shows Steps are no longer a guilty pleasure but a group who are confident and happy with their careers and the feel-good pop classics they release.

You can get a copy of What the Future Holds, here.

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