‘The Silent Stars Go By’ by Sally Nicholls is the perfect Christmas read

At this time of year, we find ourselves craving books we can just curl up with in front of the fire. The Silent Stars Go By by Sally Nicholls is one of those such books.

Seventeen-year-old Margot Allan was a respectable vicar’s daughter and madly in love with her fiancé Harry. But when Harry was reported Missing in Action from the Western Front, and Margot realised she was expecting his child, there was only one solution she and her family could think of in order to keep that respectability. She gave up James, her baby son, to be adopted by her parents and brought up as her younger brother.
Now two years later the whole family is gathering at the vicarage for Christmas. It’s heartbreaking for Margot being so close to James but unable to tell him who he really is. But on top of that, Harry is also back in the village. Released from captivity in Germany and recuperated from illness, he’s come home and wants answers. Why has Margot seemingly broken off their engagement and not replied to his letters? Margot knows she owes him an explanation. But can she really tell him the truth about James?

The Silent Stars Go By is a story that has many layers. That is all weaved together expertly by Sally Nicholls to tell an emotive and very real story. Adoption one of the central themes of The Silent Stars Go By is always a tricky subject to cover but Sally does it perfectly. It’s well researched and fits the stories 1919 post great war time period.

The Silent Stars Go By is a beautiful story. One that will have appeal to both young adults and older readers. Sally Nicholls makes Margot go on a journey, the character progression is one of our favourite things about the story. The Silent Stars Go By grabs you from the first pages, full of love. lies, heartbreak and secrets. It makes you believe in the characters and yearn and be hopeful they get the happy ending they deserve.

You can get a copy of The Silent Stars which is out now via Andersen Press, here.

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