Saving the World by Paola Diana is a thought-provoking read

Saving the World by Paola Diana was released in 2018. It’s already a bestseller in Italy, this translation has been extensively revised by the author to incorporate recent UK events that impinge on women’s rights and the struggle to achieve equality. A clarion call for change, Diana’s polemic should be read by all who hold powerful positions in government, industry and the arts.

Part manifesto for change part historical and sociological essay, Saving the World charts women’s condition through the centuries, analyzing their treatment within political, religious, economic and societal contexts to form a bigger picture of their place in the world; and explores what needs to be done in 2018 to create a truly equal world.

Having already broken the glass ceiling for women in Italy, where she introduced a new bill requiring company boards to have 30% female representation, Paola turns to the Gender Pay Gap and puts forward her vision for how we reach an equal society, one in which all women are set free from fear, violence and oppression. Paola Diana impresses on us that this world we inhabit, dominated by men and often seemingly immutable, is far from the only one possible. 

Saving the World is an inspiring read for both men and women. Paola doesn’t overly enforce her own opinions while laying out the facts about women’s role in history. It also highlights the next steps women could take to have more of presence in careers that have long been male-dominated. It looks at how certain behaviours to women have become normalised and why they shouldn’t be.

It’s a thought provoking and inspiring read that will make you look at your own life.

You can get a copy here.

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