Not In The Script by Elizabeth Green is an honest and inspiring read about living in Sir Philip Green’s shadow

Not In The Script: The Black Sheep in the Billionaire’s Family by Elizabeth Green is an open and honest account of just what it’s like to be the sister of Sir Philip Green.

Elizabeth Green has spent her life in the shadow of her famous brother, the controversial British billionaire Sir Philip Green. Most of what she knew of him she read in the columns of the Daily Mail; not just his business empire but the parties, the gatherings and dinners to which she was never invited. A guest summed it up at his wedding when she said: ‘I’ve known Philip for 25 years but never knew he had a sister.’

But Not In The Script is about more than just family relationships. It’s a story of a woman’s insatiable search for love, one that took her to all the wrong places – and involved all the wrong men; from divorce in the north London suburbs to the ashrams of India and, eventually, the excitement of Manhattan’s restaurant scene. Along the way, she did fall over and over, but the men? Well, they didn’t quite get there. Sound familiar? Above all Elizabeth was not a quitter, she found love where she least expected it – inside herself.

Everyone knows Sir Philip Green, be it for his love of sailing around the med on his £150million pound yacht or for the ill-fated sale and subsequent BHS collapse which saw thousands of people in the UK lose their jobs and pensions, to the recent collapse of Topshop and other well known high street brands he and his wife own which could see thousands more lose their jobs if buyers are not found. Fully cementing his fall from grace when for years he ruled the high street calling the likes of Kate Moss and Simon Cowell close friends Much has been written and said about Sir Philip over the years. Most of it hasn’t been complimentary and rightly so. But little to nothing has ever been mentioned about his sister Elizabeth Green.

Not In The Script is Elizabeth’s story in her own words. It details her strained relationship with her brother and how those he calls friends are rarely told he has a sister. It chronicles her desire and journey to be loved after being starved of it by her mother, who rarely showed emotion but doted on Philip, the boy who could do no wrong in his mother’s eyes. One instance mentioned within Not In The Script that highlights this is how Elizabeth’s mum’s house was as a shrine to her son. Newspaper cuttings and other accomplishments filling the walls. Elizabeth had a piece of writing published. She took it to her Mum’s, for her to display proudly as she did with all her brother work. It was displayed on the wall near the entrance to the toilet, so high up it was virtually impossible to read.

Elizabeth’s upbringing had a profound effect on her that’s very clear to any reader. Not In The Script Elizabeth discusses her life and the search for the love she was denied growing up. It was a search that would take her all over the world from London to India where she joined Rajneesh the “love guru”s movement and to finally New York, where she opened a cafe/restaurant called Planted. And finally found and understood the love she’d been looking for was inside herself.

Not In The Script is Elizabeth introducing the world to who she is. Written with remarkable humor and candor it’s a thoroughly uplifting and inspiring read which shows a woman stepping out of the shadow of her family and learning to love herself. Not being held back by the weight of expectation family can bring, finding her own place in the world and thriving in it.

You can get a copy of Not In The Script here!

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