The Far Wild by Alex Knight is absolutely captivating

The Far Wild is the first book in Alex’s Knights new series and it’s absolutely thrilling and captivating listen that has you hooked on the story within the first couple of minutes.

An expedition gone awry.

Suni Koudounas is enamoured with the wonders — and dangers — of the Far Wild. As a naturalist’s apprentice, she’s studied every book and expedition report about the miraculous wilderness. But when her mentor goes missing on expedition, Suni sets aside the Far Wild of ink and paper to venture after him into the primordial jungle.

A missing skyship.

As the empire’s most beloved adventurer — or most successful raconteur — Senesio Suleiman Nicolaou doesn’t want much. Wealth beyond measure, fame beyond reason and a small kingdom somewhere warm should be about enough. When news of the rescue mission reaches him, Senesio knows there’s no better opportunity to add to his living legend.

The most dangerous wilderness known to man. 

With unexpected enemies above and monstrous predators in the jungles below, it’s up to Suni, Senesio and their companions to uncover the truth of what’s happening in the Far Wild. It’s a revelation that will shake the empire to its core and reshape the lives of all involved — assuming, of course, they don’t all get eaten first.

The Far Wild by Alex Knight

Alex Knight grew up a sun-baked, outdoorsy Floridian and has lived in several places around the world. As an author of LitRPG and Fantasy his work includes the Nova Online Trilogy.

In the past, Alex has worked as everything from a dishwasher at Busch Gardens to the Communications Coordinator at the Florida Attractions Association. After deciding he didn’t like stability or predictable paychecks he made the jump to being a freelance writer. Soon that turned into ghost-writing romance novellas, then ghost-writing full-blown science fiction novels, and finally, writing his own books.

We didn’t know what to expect when we started to listen to The Far Wild on Audible as we’ve never really read a fantasy book in audio form. So it was pretty new to us and something we’d normally read rather than listen to. But listening to The Far Wild and hearing the story unfold via Alex’s vivid and detailed words and the fantastic narration by Stephanie Lane, Carlyss Peer and Peter Kenny really blew us away. It’s a very easy story to get swept away by, it’s fast-paced and has an epic conclusion that makes you eager for the next instalment to be released.

If you like listening to audiobooks that sweep you off into another world and love Jurassic Park then we highly recommend The Far Wild.

You can get a copy from Audible here!

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