The Boyband Murder Mystery by Ava Eldred is a love letter to fandoms and the friends you make within them

The Boyband Murder Mystery by Ava Eldred is a love letter to boybands, fandoms and the powerful and lasting friendships you make from them.

‘I have long believed that loving a boyband brings with it a wealth of transferable skills, but I’d never imagined solving a murder would be one of them…’

Harri and her best friends worship Half Light – an internationally famous boyband. When frontman Frankie is arrested on suspicion of murdering his oldest friend Evan, Harri feels like her world’s about to fall apart. But quickly she realises that she – and all the other Half Light superfans out there – know and understand much more about these boys than any detective ever could.

Now she’s rallying a fangirl army to prove Frankie’s innocence – and to show the world that you should never underestimate a teenage girl with a passion…

The Boyband Murder Mystery

The Boyband Murder Mystery has perfectly captured the true heart of what being in a fandom means, and the friendships you make being in one. It will bring tears to your eyes by the time you finish it if you have been part of one as it’s a love letter to any fan who’s ever found a sense of belonging within a fandom.

It’s a fantastic debut from Ava Eldred, it shows how powerful fans can be and how people come together over a mutual love for a band and artist, but end up finding and discovering so much more. Fans are a bands power and lifeblood. Yes, branding and marketing help, but it’s the fans devotion, love, and passion for a band that make or break them. Ava pays homage to that perfectly. with nods to fandom lore and tales which create the foundation of many a boyband fandom.

This is a book that feels like a thank you to one fan to another. And despite the murder that happens it’s a beautiful to nod to fandoms.

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