Happy Ever: Financial Freedom Isn’t A Fairytale demystifies And Makes finance Easy to understand

Happy Ever After: Financial Freedom Isn’t A Fairy Tale is an absolutely fantastic read for anyone who wants to know more about managing their money but doesn’t know where to start.

Did you know you can become a millionaire by saving just $7 a day and investing for 7% returns? Probably not, because financial literacy is a subject that’s overlooked by the vast majority of schools and universities, despite its importance to every single person on the planet.

Written initially for a teenage daughter and then turned into a course to train migrant workers, Happy Ever After: Financial Freedom Isn’t a Fairy Tale focuses on the fundamentals of understanding money, saving and investing, showing how the “magic” of compound investing can transform tiny initial amounts into genuine wealth. Finally, it shows readers how to achieve the “Freedom Formula” of 25x your annual spending – that can set you free.

Perfect for anyone who hopes to make their future financially brighter than their present, or help their own children avoid mistakes they made, Happy Ever After has a playful tone, featuring a spoiled princess and talking frog, hand-illustrated to help explain some of the trickier ideas that can help change your life.

Happy Ever After is a book that should be given to every person young or old when they set up their first bank account. It breaks down everything you want and needs to know about finance so it’s really easy to understand. It’s broken down into chapters that ask questions and helps you to understand your own financial situation. It helps the reader to see that everyone’s situation is different and what might work for your Mum, your great aunt Sarah or Sue your colleague at work, it doesn’t mean it will work for you.

If anyone is looking for financial clarity or is just not sure where to start when it comes to finances then Happy Ever After is a must-read.

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