Am I Loved is the thought-provoking read from John D Bieber

Am I Loved: The most asked questions of all time is the new book from John D Bieber.

How can we function as sophisticated emotional beings when we can neither
understand nor control our emotions? That is the question.

This book is about nothing if not about being human. It is about love and human needs, about
misunderstandings, tragedy, faith and despair, but mostly about love. It is not
another novel or self-help book on relationships, just a book that is truly stranger
than fiction. It is a book about us, about secrets, life, how life has been protected
and lived by a parade of humanity 65 billion names long.

This book defines the human condition and the fundamental roles played in our existence by the
greatest of all human needs: the need to be loved. It translates the language and

reveals the purpose of our emotions so that, at last, we can understand and take
charge of them.

Our emotions exist not to benefit us but to safeguard our genes, protecting the
life within us. This is the language of our emotions translated for us to
understand, their crucial interaction with the greatest human need of all, our need
to be loved, duly explained. All else flows from this. We spend our lives intent on
surviving when fulfillment comes from loving and being loved. Nature’s
Protections serve to liberate us yet we allow them to inhibit our lives without
realizing that the majority of our many emotional problems are solvable simply by
a proper understanding of the human condition.

Am I Loved is an eye-opening and thoughtfully written book. It makes you really think about what it means to be human. The book is the cumulation of over 15 years worth of thought and contemplation from the author and you can see a lot of time has gone into it.

It’s a well-balanced read that progresses at a bitesize and slow pace so that you can stop and look at your own thoughts and emotions while reading it.

Am I Loved is a necessary and vital read, especially in the current climate when everything has been so different and we’ve all had to face and deal with so many changes within our lives.

You can get a copy here.

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