Luxury Renovation for The Footman, in Mayfair, London

One of the oldest pubs in London, The Footman has been totally redesigned to modernise the venue, while still keeping its original charm intact. 

As well as newly defined drinking and dining areas, The Footman now boasts an exclusive clubhouse boardroom, perfect for both high profile business meetings and fine dining. 

The Footman now has clearly defined zones on each floor to separate drinking and dining, with the upper floors available for exclusive private hire. 

The main bar of The Footman has been redesigned to open up the space and to allow for more guests seated than were previously available. Original fittings and fixtures, including the art deco style mirrored bar, have retained The Footman’s classic style. Softer tones and lighter textures have been added, creating an inviting atmosphere where guests can unwind.

Heading to the first-floor dining room, seating has been re-arranged to give guests more privacy. The Footman’s sommeliers have been tasting new world, old world and fine wines to create an offering that will tantalise the taste buds of any connoisseur. The team look forward to inviting guests to try delicious wines and British seasonal dishes created by Stuart, Head Chef and flavour extraordinaire. 

On the second floor, The Footman now offers a flexible space doubling as a restaurant and lounge. While the exposed brick styling remains, the floor has been updated with marble and brass detailing, adding decadence to any private event. For the dining space itself, the seating has been replaced by new leather and fabric chairs, which sit on brand-new timber flooring. 

Ascending to the third floor brings guests into The Footman’s most exclusive space, the private clubhouse board room. A classic mix of warm tones and blue and walnut timber, the room is styled with brass accents and opaque glass pendants suspended from a bold panelled ceiling. 

A large table is the centrepiece of the space, with a television discreetly hidden behind a decorative housing, giving the room an additional function as a corporate meeting space with break out areas. At the end of the room, a statement dresser acts as a bar, providing guests with an attentive and tailored experience for the duration of any private event, meeting or team event. 

Aside from the main bar and dining space refurbishments, the functional spaces of The Footman have also been stylishly updated. The staircase connecting each floor leads guests through the pub, tempting them to explore beyond the main bar area. Artwork is clustered along the staircase walls, contrasting with the lighter wall colours that brighten the space. 

The bathrooms in The Footman have also been updated, retaining the building’s classic roots with beautiful Victorian tiles, complimented with marble vanity units and the addition of brass detailing creating a luxurious feel of the space. 

You can book to visit and find out more, here!

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