Straight Line Crazy with Ralph Fiennes at The Bridge Theatre, London is one to watch

Ralph Fiennes is currently starring in Straight Line Crazy at The Bridge Theatre in London and it’s definitely one to go see before it ends its run on the 18th of June.

Straight Line Crazy tells the fascinating true story of Robert Moses who for forty years was arguably the most powerful man in New York.

For forty uninterrupted years, Robert Moses was the most powerful man in New York. Though never elected to office, he manipulated those who were through a mix of guile, charm and intimidation.

Motivated at first by a determination to improve the lives of New York City’s workers, he created new parks, new bridges and 627 miles of expressway to connect the people to the great outdoors. But in the 1950s, groups of citizens at grassroots began to organize against his schemes and against the motor car, campaigning for a very different idea of what a city was and for what it should be.

Photo Credit: Manuel Harlan

Robert Moses is played by Ralph Fiennes who does a stellar job of making you not quite sure if you actually like or despise Moses as a person by the end of the production. It’s a character and portrayal that certainly leads to many lively discussions upon exciting a performance of Straight Line Crazy,

Helping Ralph to bring David Hare‘s adaptation of Robert Moses to life is a talented supporting cast including Siobhan Cullen as Finnuala Connell, Carol Amis as Dani Mosley and Danny Webb as Governor Al Smith.

Straight Line Crazy is a production you won’t forget seeing and is one that makes you think.

The production runs at the Bridge Theatre until 18th June, you can get tickets here!