Urban Scarecrows by Jim Chambers is a fast paced read

Urban Scarecrows is the latest novel from author Jim Chambers. Originally from Derby in the East Midlands, he self-published a novel, Paradigm Shift, in 2013 which foretold the Brexit outcome years before any referendum. The Hope Affair was published in April 2021.

The Labour Party election victory of 2019 ushers into power a radical socialist government which swiftly mutates to a British form of totalitarian Marxism in its quest for social justice and equality.

Dominic Green, a Labour Party activist and celebrity chef, is caught up in the economic and social crisis as the country lurches towards civil war. Taunted by the jibes of his volatile Spanish wife, Rosa, he moves from denial to acceptance to opposition and becomes a totemic media figure in the struggles.

His marriage is in terminal decline; Rosa cannot forgive his philandering or his support of the government. His family falls apart as Rosa leaves him and one son is incarcerated ,whilst the other attempts to liberate his sibling. Labelled a turncoat terrorist he is hunted by the brutal SNPS state police whose attempts to subjugate the population includes ‘urban scarecrowing’.

Who can he trust as he goes on the run whilst assisting the resistance movement? Will Rosa forgive him as she tracks his public pronouncements and his efforts to free their son? Will Dominic escape the clutches of the SNPS as the net closes? Will international outrage translate into military intervention as sections of the armed forces rebel? And can Dominic survive and recover his relationship with Rosa and their surviving son?

Urban Scarecrows is a book that will surprise you. It’s fast-paced and extremely well-written. A political thriller that keeps you on your toes while simultaneously challenging your perceptions. It’s a rollercoaster of human emotion and fast-moving political scheming.

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