Exclusive Extract: Two Scoops Not Three, the debut novel by Terri Boas

Two Scoops Not Three is the debut novel by author Terri Boas. Honoured as a Finalist in the Fiction: Women’s Fiction category at the American Book Fest 2020, Best Book Awards. Terri lives in Hampshire with her husband, Rich, daughter, Portia and Pud, the cat. She works part-time at The Raven Hotel in Hook. Famous children’s author, Enid Blyton wrote the first of her hundreds of books right there!

Briony, Natalie and Lauren have been best friends since school. Now in their thirties, their lives couldn’t be more different.

Eternally single Briony is desperate to find ‘the one’, while Lauren, a singer on board cruise ships, is having far too much carefree fun to even think about settling down with ‘Mrs Right’. Or is she?

Meanwhile, long-term married mum Natalie has had her head turned at the gym by the sexy spin instructor, Jason. And when he suggests some private, one-on-one sessions, sex-starved Natalie is powerless to resist.

When Natalie’s affair comes to light after a boozy night down their local, where they go to get their alcohol and ice cream fixes, Briony doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to forgive her friend. Luckily, a date with Mani, the hot, chivalrous son of her larger-than-life American boss helps to take her mind off things. Could he be the special someone she has been waiting for all her life?

As the girls embark on some of the most challenging moments of their lives, only one thing is for sure – their friendship will never be the same again . . .

We were lucky enough to be given an exclusive extract to share with you.

Briony fidgeted like a student being told off by the head teacher. She struggled to get any words out and after a pause only noticeable to herself, pulled out her brightest, happiest self to try and detract from her most unusual no-make-up look.

          “Morning, Mr Schwartzberg. Gosh, if I’d known we were meeting like this I would have at least put lipstick on. I’m just helping Wendy out.”

          As the words spilled out of her naked lips, Briony felt uncomfortable. No one apart from Natalie, her kids, Bethany and Milo and Lauren had ever seen her without any make up on. She’d always been very conscious about looking her best at work and meticulously planned what she was going to wear each day the night before. Her selection of Next and Zara suits always had matching shoes and handbags, and each outfit had its own Chanel perfume, which was also dependant on what she had to achieve that day. For instance, if she was meeting new clients, it was Chanel’s Chance. Her everyday smell for office work was Coco Mademoiselle, but for the big days where she wanted to make an impact at meetings, she’d wear her strongest scent, Chanel No 19, as it made her feel strong and powerful.

          As he focused on Briony, Mr Schwartzberg squinted his tiny, dark, spider-like eyes. “Miss Greene, I must say, I have never seen you looking quite so casual. To that end, however, I’d like to commend you on the way you present yourself for work, and I appreciate the effort you make throughout the week. I also really appreciate your selflessness in doing this for Wendy.”

          Briony accepted the compliment and smiled back, feeling very happy with herself. She was pleased that all her efforts had finally achieved the desired effect on her boss. She looked away from Mr Schwartzberg’s face and her eyes fell across the most extraordinary pair of dark brown, leather Armani men’s shoes that she’d ever seen up close. One shoe took a step closer and Briony almost felt that it was flirting with her.

          “Miss Greene, please let me introduce my son, Emmanuel Schwartzberg,” the boss said.

          Briony trailed her eyes up a classy black suit trouser, past a jewelled Gucci belt and onto a shimmering white and clearly very expensive shirt. To her delight, the material housed a perfect triangle torso and big shoulders shaping down to a small waist. Below the belt, she nearly burst inside at the sight of a perfect pair of squatted or dead-lifted legs. Their toned shape was even apparent through the material. She fanned herself and tried desperately to cool her face down before making eye contact with Mr Schwartzberg’s son.

          The first thing she noticed was his jaw. She thought it was large but perfectly carved into his tanned skin. His mouth housed the most sparkling white teeth that she had ever seen in real life. She thought that Rylan Clark-Neal’s were on par but she’d only seen his on the telly, and now she was looking at the real deal. His big caramel eyes matched his deep, silky, highlighted brown hair, which was gelled messily on top of his head. The overall effect made her weak at the knees. She flitted her eyes from father to son and noticed that despite the huge physique difference, there were definite similarities.

          “Hiya, girl, how’s it going? I’m Mani – only my pop calls me Emmanuel. It’s really nice to meet you.”

          His sweet American accent oozed from what Briony now decided was a perfect jaw. She had expected a deeper voice but was pleasantly surprised by his Justin Bieber-esque tone. Her dark memories from the night before were long gone, as she revelled in the company she had accidentally found herself in. Feeling a warm glow in her tummy, she realised she was quite attracted to the man in front of her.

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