It’s the end of an era as Louis Tomlinson completes his first world tour

It’s the end of an era. Louis Tomlinson has completed his first world tour.

81 dates.

Many countries.

Thousands of fans.

Upgraded venues to meet the unprecedented demand.

And he’s made it to the end.

A HUGE milestone in his career and his fans were with him every step of the way. If they couldn’t get to a gig in person they watched online via live streams in their thousands. Everyone wanted to be part of the special moment in his career.

From selling at Wembley Arena to a very special homecoming gig in Doncaster, Louis travelled to Asia, all over Europe, America, LATAM and Australia on his first world tour to perform gig after gig for his fans, many of who had waited years to see him live.


Louis Tomlinson singing Kill My Mind at Wembley Arena on 22nd April 2022 was AMAZING! #louistomlinson #ltwtwembley #killmymind #louistomlinsonvideos

♬ original sound – kellymcf6

Louis’s first world tour was a team effort. From the fans who organised projects at the show, to Louis and his team who were without them. there would have been no world tour.

So thank you.

Thank you to Louis who got on stage night after night, even with a broken wrist and on nights when he wasn’t afraid to admit he didn’t feel great. And wowed us all. Made us feel safe, and loved, giving us a space for us all to come together to enjoy his music.

To his tour crew and every person who made the world tour happen, and who worked on each show making sure Louis could take to the stage every night.

To the fans who helped and supported each other at venues, and who created fan projects. Showing Louis the love and respect he deserves.

Now, who’s ready for the next one?

Louis still has a few more festivals he will be performing this summer, including his own Away From Home Festival. You can find out the details here!

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