Great British Bake Off the Musical is heartwarming and feel-good fun ★★★★★

A musical about a much-loved TV show like the Great British Bake Off shouldn’t work. But it really does. There are no soggy bottoms at this musical. Just feel good, heartwarming fun.

It opened last night for a limited run at the Noel Coward Theatre on London’s West End.

Haydn Gwynne and John Owen-Jones take on the roles of “Pam Lee” and “Phil Hollinghurst”, the show’s beloved judges, while Zoe Birkett and Scott Paige are the hosts “Kim and Jim”, who have so much chemistry you could easily envisage them having their own chat show.

Grace Mouat, Gemma Wakefield, Claire Moore, Michael Cahill, Damian Humbley, Aharon Rayner, Jay Saighal and Cat Sandison all play the contestants, each with their own unique backstories, that the show is built around. While the role of Lily is split between Maisy Mein, Amelie Rouse and Aanya Shah.

The basic plot is a new series of Bake Off, with presenters, contestants and judges all being introduced. Each has its own story that’s weived masterfully through the show by its writers Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary. It’s a show that has all the right ingredients, humour, tenderness, and emotive moments that bring tears to your eyes. All the musical numbers help to enhance the story, making it a lovely, uplifting and feel-good show to go and see.


You can book tickets to see Bake Off the Musical which runs until 13 May, here!

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