Everything you need to know about Olivia Dean who will appear on Liam Payne’s show

Liam Payne has announced the third artist to be featured in his Here’s to the Future Artist showcase on Veeps. Olivia Dean will join Sam Macpherson and Jessia to perform on 31 July.

Olivia recently released her single ‘Slowly‘, it’s from her upcoming project ‘Growth’. Talking about the project on social media she says “These songs are a time capsule of the last year, me processing a new perspective on love and loving myself. I can’t wait to share it with you.”

A BRIT school graduate Olivia Dean is a fan of sports including football, of which she has lifelong memories of watching games with her family. She tries to let all aspects of her life influence her music.

This is particularly telling in her track Password Change, which she wrote the day after an argument with her boyfriend while they were watching football. She created the scenes in the music video. In a recent interview with ‘Strike a Chord,’ she said “I wanted to recreate exactly what happened. So we went to a pub in Stepney Green. It really captured a moment in time. That summer was just incredible – the heatwave, the World Cup, it felt like everyone was having an amazing time, but then there was me and my boyfriend in the middle of it, so I wanted to depict that whole atmosphere. In the video, we recreated exactly what happened.”

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