Cover Reveal: Clickbait by L.C North

We love L.C North’s books so we are super excited to be able to reveal the cover for her upcoming novel Clickbait.

Clickbait promises to be a gripping and glamorous thriller about ruthless ambition and the dark side of fame.

‘We’re not famous anymore. We’re notorious.’

For over a decade, the Lancasters were celebrity royalty, with millions tuning in every week to watch their reality show, Living with the Lancasters.

But then an old video emerges of one of their legendary parties. Suddenly, they’re in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons: witnesses swore they’d seen missing teenager Bradley Wilcox leaving the Lancaster family home on the night of the party, but the video tells a different story

Now true crime investigator and YouTuber Tom Isaac is on the case. He’s determined to find out what really happened to Bradley – he just needs to read between the Lancasters’ lies.

Clickbait will be released on 11 April 2024.
You can pre-order your copy here!

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