Bloodstream of Moonlight by Roxan Burley is a fantastic read

Bloodstream of Moonlight is the first book in the Equal Rise series and the debut adult novel from author Roxan Burley.

To survive is to hide. To conceal who you are from the Dark.

One hundred years ago the creatures of legend emerged from the shadows to help mankind in World War II.
They were greeted with fear and awe, but their magic and strength used by the allied forces. The implications after the Great War, shaped their future.

Present day….

Eira is practising as a doctor in central London, keeping her true identity and the magic in her veins hidden from the Dark, an organisation taking over London with a virus which controls the host. When a rebel Captain is rushed into the clinic for treatment, she learns that the necklace she inherited from her mother is far more than she bargained for.

Waking in an emergency room with a fatal wound, Captain Cole Hawkins has no option but to trust the doctor treating him, despite the secrets he can see that she’s hiding.

Oran’s mission was simple – trace a surge of magical power and find the source, but he soon discovers that things aren’t as they seem and he starts to question the decisions of the ones who bind him.

Together they must use an ancient power to combat the years of segregation and animosity between humanity and the magical world.

Bloodstream of Moonlight is an imaginative, entertaining and original read. It’s an absolutely stunning debut from Roxan Burley.

The characters and world Roxan has built are fascinating and we cannot wait to read more in the series.

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