It’s all Black and White for Niall Horan as he uses the lockdown to help others

Niall Horan is a good egg. He doesn’t just drop a video in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic for his latest single Black and White and expect his fans to stream it. Will they do that? Of course, it’s Niall after all. What he does do is use his large platform to help others during this lockdown period.

He’s had a bit of a rough time of it recently has Niall, he just so happened to drop his second album Heartbreak Weather as the COVID-19 pandemic took the world in its terrifying grip. All his plans to promote the record he’d worked so hard on went out the window. His tour, unfortunately, that had to be cancelled to like many other artists, because of countries locking down to try to fight and protect themselves from the spread of the deadly virus.

But has that stopped Niall from giving back to both his fanbase and to charities, trying to help and raise spirits of people struggling with having to stay home during this lockdown period? No! Niall has gone above and beyond to do his bit.

From Insta Lives on a near-daily basis where he chats with fans, strums his guitar a fair bit, sometimes sings random lyrics from songs a lot and may just invite former bandmates ( Hi Liam Payne) to chat too, sending those watching into meltdowns. To performing from his home and donating to charity, to responding to fans tweets on Twitter. He’s doing it all. And his constant interactions with his fans is helping a lot of people get through this scary and sometimes lonely time.

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Despite not being able to do some of the promotion that was planned for the album hasn’t been a bad thing, Heartbreak Weather is a great all-round album. He’s found his sound with one, completely and utterly, compared to his debut album Flicker, which was good…But this album steps it up a notch and is everything we ever wanted from Niall as an artist. It’s heartfelt, tells a story and showcases his evolution as a singer and songwriter from when he began in the music industry ten years ago a member of One Direction.

There are lots of brilliant tracks on the album, it’s not one of those albums where you feel inclined to skip a track as they are all that good. Although current single Black and White, (Written by Niall with Julian Bunetta, Teddy Geiger, Alexander Izquierdo and Scott Harris and produced by Julian) that’s a jam and one that deserves an extra few hits of the repeat button, which is why it’s beyond exciting he’s released it as the next single from the album.

What’s your favourite track from Heartbreak Weather? tell us at Twitter.

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