A year of Heartbreak Weather

It’s been a year since Niall Horan released his second album Heartbreak Weather. It’s an album that saw him come into his own as a singer and songwriter, firmly establishing his own sound and making a place for himself in the music industry. Heartbreak Weather was the album of an artist who wants to continue to evolve, learn and experiment with music while feeling comfortable with what they produce.

Heartbreak Weather has so many good songs on it and Niall went all out with the promo for it prior to it’s release, with a series of fun YouTube videos that saw him reporting the weather.

Sadly like many albums released during 2020, it was vastly underrated due to it being released as covid began to get it’s grip on the world, making it impossible to do any promo once the album was actually released.

As an album, Heartbreak Weather is a completely cohesive body of work that has no tracks worthy of skipping. Every track has a purpose. It tells the story of a relationship from it’s beginning to it’s end. conveying all the different emotions one feels during it. Showcasing all the sides of relationship.

Black and White is a track that quickly became a fan favourite as did single, Dear Patience. Generally every track holds a meaning which the listener can relate to. And it’s clear to see why Niall’s fans and my listeners took the album in to their hearts.

Towards the end of 2020 Niall did an absolutely breath taking and stunning livestream to support his own tour crew and the live music and touring industry where he performed tracks from Heartbreak Weather, giving fans all over the world chance to hear them sung live for the first time.

A year on the album is still very much relatable and much loved by both Niall’s fans and music lovers for it’s concept, artistry and lyrical mastery.

It’s a concept album that will stand the test of time and will be one that played and featured in music collections and playlists for years to come much like many albums released in 2020.

Let us know @TBHONEST_UK, which is your favourite track!

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