Why Harry Styles needs to be treated with kindness

Harry Styles has been in the public eye since he was 16 years old. Shooting to fame on the X Factor as part of One Direction, throughout his entire career he has treated those he meets be it media or fans with nothing but kindness. A gesture that has not always been returned.

Harry auditioned for series seven of the X Factor in 2010 as a solo artist. He made it through to the Bootcamp stages. Where he ended being one of five boys put into a band.  One Direction did not win the X-Factor that year instead they went on to become one of the biggest selling bands of modern times, achieving hits worldwide and the fanbase to match.

When the band signed a deal with Simon Cowell‘s Syco in January 2011, Harry moved to London, he shared a flat with bandmate Louis Tomlinson, who was the oldest member of the band at 18 and whom Harry had a particularly strong bond with. Louis once remarked that he’d know since he met Harry in the bathroom at the auditions for the X Factor in Manchester, that Harry was destined to be a star. He’d even given him a hug and gotten a photo, joking that he had the first photo of the future star.

Louis early prediction was proven true. Harry became the one in the band that the media focused on, often being unnecessarily harsh and critical of the singer who was still growing up and trying to find his feet in an often vicious and fast-paced industry. During the early days of the band, Harry was often overly critical of his performances and would read some of the more negative comments that both the media and people had left.

The media, in particular, had it out for Harry, linking him needlessly and somewhat endlessly with any woman whose direction he happened to glance in, which in turn opened up for the bands face to speculate. Something no young person should have to be subjected to on the level Harry faced.

Harry has often stated he values his privacy and attempts to keep his private life away from the prying eyes of the worlds media and his fans who like to follow his every move. He has over the years learnt the best ways to do this. Still, there has been the odd times where his fans overstepped the mark and hacked his cloud or posted personal information online. Thus making the star retreat further away from the public eye when he is not working.

From being active on Twitter and other social platforms to now barely using them to interact with his fans, instead of leaving it to his management and PR to deal with. Harry has learnt what is best for him and his own mental health when it comes to dealing with the pitfalls of being in the public eye and facing the scrutiny he does.

When One Direction went on hiatus in 2015 and Harry began to release solo music, he began an initiative Treat People With Kindness encouraging fans and the world alike to support charities and to treat everyone around them with kindness. Even writing a song with the title for his second critically acclaimed album Fine Line.

Harry has done nothing throughout his entire career but treat people with kindness, yet he has not been treated with the same courtesy, from the media who thought it was ok to turn a 16-year-old into their punch bag, to write lie after a lie about this young man from Cheshire. They had no regard for the way the words would affect him.

Harry Styles is a human being. He should be afforded the courtesy of people thinking about the words they right in regards to him. Treat Harry Styles with Kindness!

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