When Helene met Louis: How Helene Horlyck and Louis Tomlinson support each other

Helene Horylck and Louis Tomlinson are two names that go hand in hand if you are a Louie. Helene is Louis vocal coach, chief motivator and is the one who helps Louis to get the best out of his voice so that he sounds amazing on stage.

“Helene’s techniques as a vocal coach are a breath of fresh air. Her idea of working with all the elements life throws at us is a much more realistic and practical approach than most. Psychology is such a massive part of being a good performer, Helene recognises this and uses her own experience to help me as a performer. Best of both worlds, half operatic genius, half motivating football-manager-type to get you feeling as good as you possibly can before performing. ” 

Louis Tomlinson (https://www.vocalstarcoaching.com/talks)

Helene and Louis’s beautiful friendship and work relationship began when Louis was yet to have the world fall in love with him and he auditioned for the X Factor in 2010.

A classically trained singer Helene has released her own music as well as coached numerous artists through the process of recording their own.

Louis was an extremely determined individual, having taken vocal lessons before he auditioned, he knew he wasn’t the strongest vocally but he had a steely determination to prove himself. It paid off and he became one-fifth of One Direction, a band that would being end up being known worldwide and would attract fans of all ages.

As a vocal coach on the X-Factor, it was Helene’s job to get the contestants vocally ready to audition, giving them the tools to go out on the stage and give it they’re all. She began working on the show including its live tours in 2009 working with many of the shows well-known alumni including Olly Murs and Little Mix.

Helene is no stranger to being in a band, performing as part of Abba tribute Bjorn Again. She too has performed all around the world with the band, including having a slot on the prestigious pyramid stage at Glastonbury.


Her methods and approach to the voice is unique and is something many people she has worked with over the years has praised.

“Helene and I worked together producing & mixing One Direction’s vocals for their live concert film. Her knowledge of how the boy’s individual voices worked together in arrangements, harmonies & timbral balances was invaluable to me as a mix engineer when creating a well blended vocal sound.”

SAM OKELL-GRAMMY AWARD WINNING ABBEY ROAD  ENGINEER/ MIXER ( https://www.vocalstarcoaching.com/talks)

Having toured the world with some of the biggest artists today, including One Direction, Helene knows not only what is needed vocally to make sure an artist is reaching their potential, but also what is needed from a psychological aspect.

She recently released a book, Just Sing! which showcases and breakdowns the methods she uses with her client. Louis who highly values the work that Helene has done with him since he began in the industry, wrote the foreword for the book.

Just Sing by Helene Hørlyck with foreword by Louis... - not everything's a  rainbow bear tableau

One of the most recent examples of the beautiful relationship Helene and Louis has is in the mini-documentary directed by Charlie Lightening as part of Louis’s The Away From Home festival. The documentary gave a behind the scenes look at all that went into making the festival a reality, Helene featured heavily, coaching Louis vocally and talking him down when he was very much inside his head, stressing because he wanted it all to sound perfect and he didn’t feel like it was.

A relationship like Helene and Louis has is so important for any artist. As the voice is the number one tool in any artists arsenal and it’s much like an athlete has to train in their discipline, an artist needs to train and work on their voice to the best out of it, especially when singing live every night on a world tour. A vocal coach such as Helene who not only understands the voice but understands how the psychological aspects of performing affect an artist, and they need to be aware of and work on both are like gold dust.

Louis will very soon be embarking on a world tour, singing night after night, giving it his all. Helene will be by his side, helping keep his voice in the best shape and making sure that mentally he’s psyched up and ready to give the fans the best experience of their lives.

You can buy Helene’s book, Just Sing, here!

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