Louis Tomlinson fans unite with Football Index fans to help those who have lost money

In one of the strangest but most beautiful coming together of fanbases, we’ve seen, Louis Tomlinson has united his own fans (Louies) with fans of the Football Index to help out FI fans who have lost money due to the owners of Football Index trying to change the terms of conditions of using the platform.

The meeting of fanbases came about when Louis liked a tweet about what was happening within the Football Index world.

Football Index is a gambling platform that allows users to purchase “shares” in Footballers. Licensed by the gambling commission it’s marketed as the “football stock exchange”. It has thousands of users, who earn dividends from the money they invest based on how the players they buy “shares” in does on the pitch and how prominently they are featured in the media. The share prices like any stock exchange can rise and fall.

On Friday the gambling platform announced a change to its terms and conditions, which would see users dividends severely cut in order to secure the long term future and sustainability of the platform. The cost was users losing a lot of money, within hours many users had lost thousands of pounds, some sadly losing their life savings.

Louis saw the news liked the tweet and also because began to privately DM some of the users of the Football Index who had been affected by the announcement, checking in on them. His fans who are always ready to rally behind a cause and support him saw he’d like the tweet and heard he was DM’ing users and wanted to know what they could do to help. Thus forming one of the weirdest but rather lovely coming together of two fanbases.

Louies who are a lovely and supportive group of fans (much like Louis himself) began offering their support to FI fans who at first seemed a little bemused by the ‘passionate bunch’ but soon embraced them and Louis and began streaming his music.

While Louies in turn shared and signed the petition that Football Index fans created to urge the FI to return deposits and for the gambling commission to investigate FI’s conduct.

The coming together of both fanbases managed to bring a smile to many of the users who have been affected by the shady conduct of the owners of the FI. Showing that there are times when the internet ain’t all that bad!

You can help FI fans by signing the petition here.

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