SAS Great Escapes by Damien Lewis is a gripping and fascinating listen

SAS Great Escapes by Damien Lewis is a gripping and fascinating listen. Narrated by Leighton Pugh, it tells the stories of seven great escapes made by second world war heroes.

No food. No water. Out of ammo. Safety is south. But between there and here is 150 miles of barren desert – freezing at night, boiling in the day – populated solely by Ernst Rommel’s fearsome and deadly Afrika Corps.

What would you do? 

Give up? Or get on with it? 

For the seven SAS supermen in Damien Lewis’s explosive new audio exclusive, the answer was simple: Escape. Evade. Survive. From the mountains of Italy to the deserts of Africa, these heroes epitomise the bravery, esprit de corps and daring-do of Britain’s finest elite fighting force. 

SAS Great Escapes takes over 9 hours to listen to in its entirety and it’s 9 hours that are certainly not wasted. Leighton Pugh’s mesmerising and vivid narration brings to life all of the stories Damien Lewis has told.

As an audiobook, it’s extremely hard to pause as the retellings of these courageous men leave your heart beating faster and wanting to know what happens to them next.

These are stories that need telling and passing down to future generations. As they show the courage, strength and determination of those who fought in the second world war. With so few WW2 veterans remaining it’s becoming increasingly important that their stories are told and remembered. and it’s why audiobooks like this are so important and vital.

Many thanks to Midas PR and Audible for the copy of this fantastic audiobook. 

You can listen for yourself exclusively on Audible, here.

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