Bad Love by Maame Blue makes a captivating audiobook

Bad Love by Maame Blue is one of the most captivating audiobooks we have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Having read and loved the book, we were extremely happy when Midas PR and Jacaranda Books, who published the print version asked us to be part of the blog tour for the audiobook which has been released exclusively on Audible.

Bad Love is part of Jacaranda’s #Twentyin2020 campaign, publishing twenty titles by Black British writers this year. Audible is partnering with Jacaranda to exclusively produce the audio releases of all twenty titles.

Already released under the #Twentyin2020 campaign are Lote by Shola von Reinhold, Through the Leopard’s Gaze written and narrated by comedian Njambi McGrath, The Space Between Black and White, written and narrated by Esuantsiwa Jane Goldsmith and Under Solomon Skies by Berni Sorga-Millwood, narrated by Damian Lynch.

Bad Love focuses tells the story of  Ekuah. It’s her growth as she navigates life and the highs and lows of love, that make this story extremely special.

Against a backdrop of enigmatic nights scattered with spoken-word poetry in London, Venice, Accra and Paris, Ekuah tries to reconcile her personal journey with the love she struggles with for Dee Emeka, a gifted musician who is both passionate and aloof in his treatment of Ekuah. 

After 18 months together, he disappears from her life, confirming her worst fears about the unstable foundation of their relationship. She attempts to graduate university whilst retreating into herself, searching for new validations and preoccupations from heartbreak. 

Life marches on and Ekuah finds personal fulfilment in her poetry and community work. But when she must choose between her first love and the promise of a new, unexpected love, in the form of Jay Stanley, can she handle the vulnerability and forgiveness required? 

Grappling with her examples of love, Ekuah must forge her own path. With an increasingly successful career, she finds herself travelling around the world. When her rise intersects with Dee’s own fame, the two are pushed to reach a final resolution.

The story is an engaging tale of love and relationships, the good and the bad aspects. It challenges the listener and readers perceptions of love. It’s beautifully narrated by Vivienne Acheampong and as you listen to the audio version it shows just how poetic, deeply powerful and moving spoken word can be.

You can get listen to Bad Love exclusively on Audible, here.

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