The Percival x Harry Lambert collection is knitwear heaven

Percival has teamed up with stylist Harry Lambert to create a limited capsule collection. And if you love knitwear, peppers, snails, tomatoes and hoodies, this is the collection you want in your wardrobe.

The 28-piece capsule collection is inspired by a vintage napkin that blends Percival’s classic silhouettes with the style Harry Lambert has made both himself, and others(including Harry Styles and Emma Corrin), famous for.

The whole idea behind the collection is Harry Lambert wants you to feel joyful in what you wear. And we think the fun designs both have come together to create achieve just that.

“I had this vintage napkin I found in LA. That’s where a lot of the narrative and story of the collection came from. It had a little girl, a bunny rabbit and some sort of fruit characters on, and they were holding hands and skipping. It was so surreal and odd but also really joyful. We just mixed them into the sort of silhouettes that I wear all the time. We also used my tattoos — ‘quite pricey’ and ‘quite tricky’, things I say a lot at work — for the graphic print T-shirts. I love a striped shirt, a sort of tailoring moment. I love cardigans, knitwear and graphic tees, and the capsule was built around that a lot. “

Harry Lambert discussing the inspiration for his capsule collection with Percival, in an interview with GQ magazine.

From the gorgeous argyle mohair knitwear to the hoodies and bucket hats which feature chilli peppers and tomatoes, a playful take on and subverting Harry’s very real allergy to ‘deadly nightshades’. “That’s tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, chillies, and stuff like that.” As he told GQ in a recent interview about his first collaboration with a brand that features his own name. 

You can shop the entire collection here!

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