The Becket List: An A-Z of First World Problems by Henry Becket is a hilarious read

The Becket List: An A-Z of First World Problems is the hilarious read we all didn’t know we needed.

The Becket List is a not entirely serious compendium of ‘First World Problems’ – the sort of stuff that drives us round the bend on a daily basis.

How is it that atonal music, bus stations, cling-film and coat-hangers can bugger us up so comprehensively? Or passport control people, modern poetry, or just about anything you’ll find in a typical hotel bedroom?
Embracing both the inanimate – from allen keys to Rawlplugs – and the animated (well, in some cases) – from your fellow-travellers to every third-rate waiter who ever walked the earth – this book is essential for your sanity.

As such, this comprehensive A to Z provides a signal service to humanity.

Written by Henry Beckett with hilarious illustrations by the talented Tony Husband it’s the read that saves 2020 and makes it far more bearable.

It covers things that annoy us all and even some we don’t realise that do. It will have you laughing out loud.

You will discuss with friends over dinner, coffee and brunch when we can all finally meet up. Hell, you might even mail it to them, so they can share in the hilarity and the quick break from reality it offers. It’s a book you cannot help but share. Would make the perfect Christmas gift, yes we went there. Sorry, not sorry!

You can get a copy of The Beckett List here.