We Need Crew: All you need to know about the gig Niall Horan is doing

Niall Horan is an exceptionally supportive guy be it supporting his friends or colleagues, he just does it. Now being vocal and giving his support to his touring crew and other live event professionals by doing a gig to raise funds for We Need Crew.

We Need Crew is initiative set up to help touring and live event crew during this world wide pandemic as like many industries the touring and live event industry has been hit extremely hard, as no events can take place. Meaning many who work within the industry find themselves without a job and a source of income.

Niall is raising awareness and supporting We Need Crew by doing a gig at The Royal Albert Hall in London. The gig will be live streamed globally allowing fans all around the world the opportunity to hear Niall sing tracks from Heartbreak Weather and his previous album Flicker. The gig will adhere to strict social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols in place in the UK. Only Niall and his band will be present at the gig and their will be no physical audience.

All profits raised from the gig will go directly to Niall’s own tour crew and to We Need Crew.

We Need Crew’s website also has a great podcast which goes out weekly where individuals who work in the industry talk about their job and give a glimpse behind the scenes of life on tour. They also have merch for sale which is really reasonably priced with all proceeds going to help live event and tour personell.


The gig will take place on 7 November. You can get tickets here. They go on general sale, Friday 16 October, you can also find out more about We Need Crew, here.

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