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Backline announces free touring notebook: supporting the touring music industry

Backline announces free touring notebook: a digital resource supporting the touring music industry.

The Touring Notebook was inspired by conversations and topics discussed in Backline’s Support Group, OFF THE ROAD: Navigating Relationships with Touring Professionals. The group has hosted over 43 sessions and has supported over 140 individuals navigating relationships with touring professionals. 

Backline is a nonprofit organization that provides mental health and wellness resources to the music industry and their families. 

Since Backline’s launch in 2019, they have served more than 25,000 music industry professionals and family members, and Backline is growing quickly alongside the critical need for its services. 

It connects music industry professionals and their families with mental health and wellness resources—streamlining access to a network of trusted organizations and care providers that understand this line of work. They’re a critical connector for touring professionals who often lack the resources they need to address mental health and wellness needs.

The Backline Touring Notebook was created to support individuals who work in the touring music industry, their family members, and partners. Two versions are available: one to work through alongside a partner or loved one, and one to work through individually. The digital guide provides information on tour preparation, communication, and transitions, as well as ways to work through thoughts and emotions with the goal of improving overall well-being. 

The notebook is divided into six sections: Before Leaving, While On Tour, Returning Home, Self-Care Strategies, Helpful Resources, and Backline Support. The Appendix includes worksheets where individuals can further support their exploration. 

  1. Before Leaving covers communication, agreements, helpful advice for partners and family, establishing rules before hitting the road, a tour packing list, and more. 
  2. While On Tour covers resources for navigating feelings and emotions that may come up, tools for practising self-compassion and conflict resolution, outlets and resources for partners, and more. 
  3. Returning Home covers re-entry after the tour, tips for acclimating after the tour, communicating expectations when returning home, sharing information with your partner, and more.
  4. Self-Care Strategies cover short self-care practices, guided meditations, movement, expressive arts, journaling, and more. 
  5. Helpful Resources covers articles, books, and quizzes.
  6. Backline Support covers all information on Backline’s life-saving services and resources. 

The Touring Notebook can be downloaded here. 

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