Niall Horan shows just why we need crew!

Niall Horan showed just why we need crew in a sensational live streamed gig at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London.

The special gig which was to show support and solidarity for his tour crew and the larger industry. Proceeds raised from the gig went entirely to the hugely important We Need Crew initiative which has been set up to help individuals who work within the live event and touring industry, as due to covid they cannot work and are not getting adequate support off the government financially to be able to support themselves and their families.

Niall’s gig took place in what he told fans watching via live stream in over 150 different countries was “his favourite venue in London if not the world.” For the breath taking and emotional live stream Niall sold over an absolutely staggering 120,000 tickets for the event.

Throughout the gig Niall continuously explained just how important the industry was and how without it he and all your fave artists would not be able to tour the world and perform for fans.

He heaped praise on the 30 strong crew who helped put on the show at the Royal Albert Hall. One of the most emotive and powerful visuals where his message truly hit home was at the end, as Niall performed the final track of his 14 song set list. Niall centre stage with the spotlight on him, singing away, while his crew slowly start to dismantle the stage he is performing on.

The visual couldn’t have been more poignant and clear. We need Crew!

We may go to see our fave perform but it takes an entire army to get our them on stage and ready to perform all the songs we love. Now having worked back stage on various live event projects, we know personally at TBH just how true this and we have absolute love and respect for every single individual who does the crazy hours the job demands. Being the first in and the last out of the building to ensure artists like Niall can do their job.

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Throughout the gig Niall spoke eloquently and passionately about his love and admiration for his own tour crew and the We Need Crew Initiative.

He performed 14 tracks a mix of songs from Flicker and many from Heartbreak Weather which were fantastic to hear live. He opened with a truly beautiful version of Dear Patience which was stripped back and really showed off his vocals and the talents of his band who have performed with for over three years now.

Black and White was another stand out moment as was the surprise appearance of Ashe, who came out to sing Moral of the Story with him. Absolutely turning our hearts to mush as she flew in from the USA and quarantined in London for 2 weeks just to perform with Niall.

The gig was a truly wonderful event to experience. It gave fans a chance to hear tracks off Heartbreak Weather live for the first time. It also highlighted just why the We Need Crew initiative is one we should all be supporting. We all love to see our faves live and we individuals to be able to resume their jobs that they love when it is safe to do so if we want to see the likes of Niall on tour again.

You can found out how you can support We Need Crew here.

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